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One of the best casinos worldwide, and the best in the Caribbean region, has been created so that your guests feel happy and totally happy once they enter there, designed and decorated in the best rock style, owning endless games they will do that in your days at the hotel, most of the time you want to spend it there. You may be wondering what the casino offers. What do the games consist of? Here we will give you a small explanation of the wonder that runs through the atmosphere of this place.

  • BLACKJACK: this is one of the most popular board games, which has as its goal, that the player has in his cards a total of 21 or as close as possible to this number without exceeding to win. In this game, everyone plays against the house (the dealer) who starts the game by distributing two cards to each player and an uncovered card, as well as a cover for him, it is important to appreciate the fact that each card has its value and that you must count very well to hit the number and be the winner.
  • ROULETTE: it is a really tempting game, and the most impressive thing is that in this casino we have two ways to play it, the American and the European, where a range of numbers and colors offer the guest, a variety of combinations to create an experience of energizing game. The same is that when the ball stops in a box, the house places a mark on the winning number on the table cloth, and pays the bets that have been winners.
  •  DICE: this is a fast game that is loaded with adrenaline, when players place their bets, a player called “the shooter” makes the famous throwing of the dice, it is important to know that all bets must be on the table before that the shooter throws the dice, which once taken 7 outs, must give his place to another shooter.
  • BUCARÁ: this is the greatest and most impressive board game that the Casino has, since it offers the best odds. It consists of eight card games being shuffled together and players must place their bets either on the bench or on the player.
  • ULTIMATE TEXAS HOLD'EM: this game is a poker style that offers a fun side bet and an advantageous game against the dealer, offering the player advantages such as the fact that the earlier the player bets the more times he can bet, up to not seeing the common cards, the player must not show his cards, and finally, the bonuses pay the possibilities if the player on his last play has a hand of 5 cards and three of them are equal or better.
  • LET IT RIDE: This game includes the opportunity to win big winnings with the $ 1 bonus bet and the 3 card bonus bet. It consists of a simple Pokér game in which the player is paid for a hand of 5 cards, where there is no dealer hand to worry about, and the important thing is to appreciate that as the cards are revealed, the player can Decrease your bet if you don't like your cards.
  • THREE CARD POKER: one of the most popular games of all time, it is an exciting fast and very stimulating poker game, which offers a face-to-face against the dealer and a bonus that combines a high frequency of hits with the best payments possible.
  •  FREE BET BLACKJACK: in this game you can perform “double-downs” and “splits” for free, increasing your potential earnings, all this, with double the adrenaline and fun, you will be addicted and you will not want to stop playing, have Be careful, then you will have more fun than you expected.
  • MISSISSIPPI STUD: in a really easy poker game, which consists of 5 cards on which the player's profit is based, since in the end, the score and the bet won will fall on those 5 cards, the players compete against a table of payment and not against the dealer, the point is in the decision that the player makes of how much to raise or withdraw, all this to the extent that the cards are revealed, and also has the option of a 3-bet bonus letters.

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