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Among the special plans that the island has, we have found one of the best and most prestigious of the island, it turns out that Marc Anthony will be presenting at the hotel, you have the possibility to book up to four free tickets to live the experience fully, where “Opus” will be presenting his new record material based on a mix of salsa, musicians, lights and good vibes that will fill the golf course with the best atmosphere at the hands of the best salsa singer of all time.

We also found one of the most emblematic artists of Colombia, what level! Carlos Vives! Considered one of the pioneers in internationalizing the genre of vallenato, it is part of the Vives Tour that will be presented at the Hotel Casino.

On the other hand, we have the plan fly that offers guests the possibility to visit paradise, booking the hotel and the plane for only a cost of $ 300, also obtaining free round transportation to the hotel once you have stepped on Caribbean land . You no longer have an excuse, booking is one of the easiest things the hotel has.

The “free children and teenagers” plan offers the host endless activities for the youngest of the house, having the opportunity to enjoy food, lodging and fun for free if they register with an adult in the room.

In addition, you have the excellent possibility of creating your own musical album, do it and you will receive a bonus from the hotel that will make your stay last a few more nights at no additional cost.

All this and much more you can find in this paradise destination, which will attract you in such a way that you will not be able to resist the fact of booking your next vacation at once, which can become the best of your life, you want to do it, It shows that you have been dazzled by everything that Hard Rock Punta Cana has for you, come and live the experience and you will be the envy of all who know you and those who do not, as you will spend a few days in Eden enjoying as if you were your own millionaire rock star. What more can you ask? Do not think so much, book and visit us now, we wait for you.