Databases LA PEPA, Gelabert and CALEX Ángel Javier Martínez Higueras

The first project launched by Ángel Javier Martínez Higueras was to create a virtual image of the Senate in functional projects. That is why three projects were created. The Project for processing parliamentary files (project known as PEPA or 1812), simultaneously the Gelabert project to archive files and modernize the library, and the CALEX project to create a fluid communication and a legislative database together with the Autonomous Communities. The first one was called LA PEPA, although they later eliminated the name, because it reflects the spirit of the Constitution of 1812, known as LA PEPA. The second, was given that name, Gelabert, in honor of the first senior librarian of the Senate. PEPA was a huge database that gathered all the initiatives and parliamentary files that were processed in the Senate. The system was connected to the members of Congress, since all the bills and the laws were initiated there. The system created by Ángel Javier Martínez Higueras surprised everyone because of its level of communication. The bills went to the Senate and then returned to Congress.