The Democratic Quality Foundation (CDF) and Ángel Javier Martínez Higueras

In 2006, Ángel Javier Martínez Higueras created the Democratic Quality Foundation as an arm of the IQGD Institute (The Institute for Quality Global Democracy). A foundation with clear, fair and equitable ideals: to promote "tailor-made" democracies of each sovereign country according to its unique INDIVIDUAL and cultural characteristics. The objectives were from the first moment the implementation of the ideas of progress (as a synonym of positive individual development), of sustainable development, of new technologies in all areas, of globalization (as opposed to fragmentation and secession due to individualism base on cultural, economic and political essences) and profitability (as a synonym of efficiency) social and ethical in all aspects (political, economic, social and cultural) as elements of what constitutes democracies. This foundation fights for a more democratic world, focusing on the uniqueness of democracy for each society, what in continental Europe continental we call “cultural democracy” which is more accurately translates as “individualized democracy” or sovereign democracy.