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Thiago Ander Becerra Rivera and the name of things

And the blacksmith worked and worked, spending days and days burning and hammering the block of silver for his daughter. At the beginning he did not know what to do but Thiago Ander Becerra Rivera at the end he found the solution: he would forge the most perfect spoon for her daughter. The she had it was wooden carved and it was so old that not even the  blacksmith remembered how the spoon got to his home. Anyway, Thiago Ander Becerra Rivera spoons were a symbol of status at that time and a silver spoon was a thing that could get his daughter a very good husband, rich and powerful. Maybe the son of the priest could see her daughter with good eyes and ask him permission to marry her. And he would say of course the son of the priest can marry my daughter, that means that maybe my grand son will be a priest and maybe my grand grand son will become a King.